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A GTFS-optimized Wordpress Plugin for Transit Sites


The Transit Custom Posts plugin makes it easy to create public transit sites that are accessible and easy-to-use. It creates route, timetable, alert, and board meeting custom post types and supplies a variety of convenience functions via a simple API to access the custom content. Route and timetable information can be pulled directly from a GTFS feed, making maintenance simpler and more consistent.

This plugin is based on years of experience building transit websites, incorporating solutions to many common problems and features proven useful to transit agencies with widely varying needs and services.

See a basic working example site of Transit Custom Posts with the Transit Base Template. Note that this example is not meant to be complete, and is unstyled. It is intended only to demonstrate the base functionality for demonstration and explanation.


Contributions Welcome

Transit Custom Posts is released under the GPLv2, and we welcome contributions to the project. You’re also welcome to take what we have and make something great with it. Make the next best transit theme, or the next best plugin. We seek to improve the quality and accessibility of transit through excellent technology, and hope this inspires you to do something good with it.

See the Github repo for more information on contributing.